Sample Itinerary: Bhutan Custom Advanced Kayaking Trip

Day 1: Arrive in Paro (Bhutan) from Bangkok (or Delhi), head to hotel for lunch, afternoon hike to the stunning temple, Tigers Nest. This is where Guru Rimposhe first landed and meditated in Bhutan. After the hike: back to the hotel in Paro for banquet-style welcome dinner.

Day 2 After breakfast we will outfit boats and head to the Wang Chu River for a Class IV+ run. Then we will head to Thimpu, the capital city for the evening.

Day 3 Drive over scenic Dochu La pass with views of the Himalayas. Then down to the Punakha Valley where we will paddle the beautiful Mo Chu River with loads of fun class III/IV excitement.

Day 4: Paddle the upper Mo Chu River IV & V

Day 5: Paddle lower Dang Chu River, class IV/IV+

Day 6: Upper Dang Chu River expedition, class IV/V

Day 7: Upper Dang Chu River expedition, class IV/V

Day 8: Driver to and paddle the upper Mangde Chu River down to Trongsa, class IV

 Day 9: Paddle a stunning canyon on the lower Mangde Chu River named Ema Datzi, after the tradition spicy Bhutanese national dish. III/IV (super cool scenery).

Day 10: Paddle Mangde Chu River, above Ema Datzi Canyon, class IV+/V-

Day 11: Drive to Bumtang, paddle Bumtang Chu River, classIV

Day 12: Fly from Bumtang to Paro. Departure flight from Paro (Bhutan) to Bangkok (or Delhi, Calcutta or Katmandu).

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