Our vision is simple; bring expert instructors together to teach small groups of students on the best rivers in the world….and when we aren’t doing this, we are down in southern  Baja enjoying all of the activities the ocean and sea have to offer. Come join us on the river or the sea!

Tarkio Adventures offers a multitude of lessons, trips, and clinics geared towards the individual’s personal needs and skill levels on whitewater rivers. One of our specialties is multi-day, instructional kayak clinics that promote an increased skill-development.IMG_0563

In the winter and early spring, we offer a handful of “bucket-list” activities based in warm, sunny, southern Baja. Get up close and personal with sea lions, grey whales and whale shark…and we will probably encounter some sea turtles, dolphins and much more.images

Tarkio’s clinics and trips capture why we love what we do: good times, beautiful river and sea destinations and most importantly, intriguing people.

The whitewater Tarkio Team includes some of the best known paddlers and instructors in the world. Not only that, they are just one heck of a high-quality, fun-loving group of folks. Our veteran instructors include Land “Uncle Dirt” Heflin, Willie Kern, Dunbar Hardy, Shawn Robertson, Polly Green, Whitney Lonsdale, Jed Weingarten,  Peter Kettering and Tracy Bowerman. Some of our “newer” additions that have now become also become part of the Tarkio Family include Justin “Juice” Ryan, Jim “Skinny Hips” Hepburn, Darby McAdams and Quinton Barnett!!IMG_4571

Tarkio Adventures is proud to offer amazing and memorable global outdoor experiences. Whether it is an international whitewater destination trip, a Baja escapade on the Sea of Cortez or a whitewater clinic/trip based in Idaho & Montana during our summer season, we’ve got you covered!

To enroll or more information about our clinics & trips CONTACT US.

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