Lise-Anne Beyries

Lise-Anne Beyries is Tarkio Kayak Adventures’ version of an en-suite spa. Trained and certified in different styles of massage, including deep-tissue, Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu, she is a great asset after a day of paddling. She can lead an early morning yoga session, assist with kayak instruction and provide folks with nurturing massage all in one day.

Lise-Anne’s energy is contagious. A Montreal city-girl turned west-coast-woman, she lives in British Columbia and often spends her free time whitewater paddling, skiing, climbing, mountain biking and sea kayaking.

Lise-Anne and her husband, Bryan Smith, have started a film production company: Together they have been traveling the continent capturing the beauty of kayaking, spreading their passion for the sport and the planet’s waterways. “Nelson” is Byran and Lise-Anne’s most recent development. He was born in July of 2009. Bryan and Lise-Anne have been busy with their own projects recently but we hope to have one, the both or all three of them join Tarkio Kayak Adventures on the river again soon.

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