Whitney Lonsdale

Whitney currently hangs her hat in Bozeman, Montana, just down the road from Tarkio Kayak Adventures’ “world-headquarters” in Missoula. She has dedicated herself to teaching and working with students in outdoor and international education and recently spend time in Tibet teaching.

Her professional experience includes working as a high school Principal, as an Associate Head of School, as the Head of the Spanish Department, and helping to create and run an alternative private high school in Vermont.

Whitney has traveled extensively and has led international and outdoor programs in South America, New Zealand, Central America, Europe, Nepal and China. Starting in 2000, she worked as a Program Director and teacher for World Class Kayak Academy, an international college-preparatory high school with a focus on competitive whitewater kayaking.

Whitney is also one of the world’s top female whitewater kayakers, and placed fifth in the World Freestyle Kayaking Championships in 2001. She is also an editor for Kayak Session. Whitney is dedicated to providing folks of all ages with the same opportunities that have enriched her own life: skills in the outdoors, education, and exhilarating travel experiences. She is a charismatic, warm individual and adds greatly to Tarkio’s “female dimension” when she is able to join us.

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