“There is no outfitter I have returned to as frequently as Tarkio. Since my first trip in 1997, I have taken 15+ trips with them and strongly recommended them to other friends.”

– Jane Majeski of NYC

“Tarkio’s trips offer a perfect combination of adventure, fun, instruction, location and safety. Whether I’m trusting the Tarkio guides with my life during an international adventure, or with my kids in Idaho and Montana, I know the experience will be world- class. Life is simply what happens between Tarkio trips, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

–Adam Saccio of Friday Harbor, WA (Youth Camp and numerous trips)

“These pictures made me smile and look back even more fondly on a great river trip with even better friends.  Land and Erica—thank you for creating and maintaining something truly special with Tarkio Kayak adventures.  LCTA—you guys did an A+ job hauling gear, cooking gourmet meals, running shuttle, and helping make the trip special.  Kayak guides—I learned something from each one of you and enjoyed your company immensely; you truly are the best of the best.  Fellow paddlers—I cannot imagine a better group of folks to go boating with; I look forward to our next river trip. Thank you all for making this trip and this birthday highly memorable and highly enjoyable (as the photos attest!). See you on the 2010 Main Salmon trip!”

–Mike Whitehouse of Pittsburg, PA (Main Salmon 2009)

“Thanks for the wonderful time on the Lochsa this year. Many thanks to you [Land], Willie and Shawn. It was such a great trip. You always have the nicest, most fun guests – in addition to the best instructors! It is fun to see people that I’ve met on other river trips with you. And it was especially nice of you to arrange warmer weather and manageable water levels for this year. Its so much fun to return to a river with you – really helps me measure any improvement in skills. Thanks for everything – hope I’ll be able to do the Lochsa and the Middle Fork next year ( and Panama).”

–Jeannine “J-9″ Hagan of Falls Church, VA (Lochsa 2009)

“Thank you again for providing such a great opportunity to paddle the middle fork.  you and tarkio guides provide something so special and I’ve always felt privileged to be part of it.”

–Tom Bajo, Scottsdale, AZ (Middle Fork 2008)

“The Bhutan trip was brilliant-the rivers, the scenery, the accommodations were all superbly planned and managed. But what really made this trip so special were the people. The Tarkio guides created a fun, caring and positive atmosphere in which I was able to learn new things, enjoy the surroundings, clear my mind, cleanse my soul and enrich my spirit”.

– Michelle Francesco of Sunnyvale, CA (Butan 2007)

“Nick said he had a “life defining” week.  Thank you for everything — he obviously had a great time and felt like he has a vision of being a great kayaker in the future. My best to you, and thank you again for accommodating Nick and Joe [late departure].”

–Alice Harra, Nick’s mom Chicago, IL (Youth Camp 2009)

“Great folks with lots of talent. Land worked the group like an orchestra, he made sure everyone had a good time and felt special, from our young ones to our oldsters!!!! Everyone had the water they wanted, it was just great. Land is a wonderful leader, while barefoot and unkempt, haha!!!!!”

– Sue Welch of Stuart, FL and Nye, MT (Middle Fork 2008)

“I got more out of the 5 days on the Tarkio Lochsa trip, and enjoyed it more than any other trip that I’ve been on. Tarkio does a phenomenal job of installing confidence in their guests. This is a must do trip for the aspiring big-water paddler. On the fun side, I still tell stories from my first year on the Lochsa when Land described the line through Lochsa Falls as “start center, roll at the bottom.” More recently there was the run through “the world’s largest class II rapid.” and description of Bloody Mary as, “this next one will be visually stimulating.” The Tarkio guides have a unique style and sense of humor that many people enjoy and benefit from.”

– Brent Davis of Oakdale, CA (Lochsa 2008)

“What a wonderful trip and I feel blessed to have been a part of it.  Land and Erica…you rock…and so does everyone that is a part of your team.  The experience level of the guides and their boat handling skills are unbelievable and something to aspire to.  We all gained a tremendous amount of knowledge of kayaking and had a fun time learning it.  Starting the trip with a bunch of strangers and ending with a bunch of friends in such a short period of time is part of the magic you and your whole team bring to the adventure.”

–-Jim Whitehouse of Gig Harbor, WA (Main Salmon 2009)

“Once again, an absolutely wonderful trip. Amazing from start to finish-the paddling was incredible and the location was unreal.”

– Jeannine Hagan of Falls Church, VA (Bhutan 2007)

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