Wilson “Willie” River Kern

Willie has over a decade of paddling experience on rivers throughout Europe, Canada, Asia, Nepal and the Americas. Willie’s expertise and respect for rivers make him a great asset to Team Tarkio. His ability to mastermind logistical challenges like Tarkio’s 2005 Yangtze Kayak Expedition. One of Willie’s personal and professional goals is to educate people about the beauty and power of swiftwater. Willie Kern is a person who is truly at home on the water, his well-rounded knowledge and personal presence on the water instills unwavering confidence and security in his students. Moreover, Willie’s outgoing and enthusiastic personality make him a favorite entertainer and guide in Tarkio’s off-the-water fun.

Of Willie’s many achievements there can be little doubt that The Tsangpo Gorge (Sang Pogue Gorge) expedition ranks tops on Kayaking expeditions of all time.

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