Bhutan Anyone??

BHUTAN aka ‘Druk Yul – Land of the Thunder Dragon’ is a breath-taking region in the Himalayas bordered by India on the south, east and west and by the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China on the north. It has an area of approximately 46,500 square kilometers.

Bhutan has it all; culture, charming people, excellent rivers and stunning mountains. It’s the kind of place that rejuvenates the soul. With that said, we are going back for more. After two amazing trips in 2007, two trips in 2009 and two more trips 2011, we are more than ready to visit our favorite little kingdom again!

In prior years, perhaps one of the least traveled to places in the world; Bhutan is now becoming popular tourist destination. With it’s tourism policy of “low volume, high value” and a former King’s concept of “Gross National Happiness”, Bhutan offers to the world a country that has it’s environment intact (boasting a 62 % forest coverage), has protected it’s culture & heritage and is perhaps the last remaining Buddhist Kingdom in the world. See what Bhutan has to offer, meet the Bhutanese people, experience it for yourself.

 Tarkio’s Best of BhutanRivers, Hiking and Culture with a multi-day Drangme Chuu (River) Adventure

Dates (in Bhutan): November 19th – December 1st, 2017

(Rafting/kayaking, hiking, cultural)

Price: $5900 + cost of Bangkok/Bhutan flight, usually around $800-$1000


 Tarkio’s Custom Advanced Kayaking Adventure in Bhutan

Dates (in Bhutan): November 5th – 17th, 2017

Advanced kayakers please contact us to discuss if this custom itinerary would be a good fit for you. 

Price: $TBA + cost of Bangkok/Bhutan flight, usually around $800-$1000 + one way in-country (Bhutan) flight

What’s Included/What’s not:  * Prices include all food, lodging, transportation, kayak/rafting equipment and river/cultural guides while in Bhutan. You are responsible for your international U.S./Bangkok round trip flight, lodging in Bangkok (pre & post Bhutan) and your Bangkok/Bhutan round-trip flight (as mentioned above).

Customize? *It is possible to customize/accommodate activities if the dates of one trip work better than the other for you and/or your traveling companion(s).

**You also have the option to rent a bike for your time in Bhutan and peddle parts of our Bhutanese journey by bike. You can peddle as much or as little as you like. There is an additional charge for the bike rental and additional vehicle for bike transportation.

You are responsible for your round-trip international flight to Bangkok and your round trip flight to/from Bhutan We handle the booking on this flight as it involves  your Bhutanese visa.  Drunk Air usually charges between $800-$1000. The current price is but is subject to change.


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